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Click club name for details.  Check back often as we sometimes book on short notice!



Feb 18:  Humphrey's Backstage Live  5pm--7pm

May 26:  Humphrey's Backstage Live  5pm--7pm

June 24:  Humphrey's Backstage Live  5pm--7pm

July 2: Mission Bay Yacht Club

July 28:  Humphrey's Backstage Live  5pm--7pm

Sept 3: Mission Bay Yacht Club

Oct 21:  Humphrey's Backstage Live  5pm--7pm

NOv 10:  Humphrey's Backstage Live  5pm--7pm




Jan 8:  Humphrey's Backstage Live  5pm--7pm

Apr 29:  Humphrey's Backstage Live  5pm--7pm

June 17:  Club M at the Grand Del Mar  7pm-10pm

July 1:  Private Corporate Event

July 4:  University City 4th of July Concert in the Park, Standley Park 5-7pm

Sept 24:  Humphrey's Backstage Live  5pm--7pm

Nov 4:  Humphrey's Backstage Live  5pm--7pm

Dec 9:  Humphrey's Backstage Live  5pm--7pm


Let's Dance!!  during Y3K performance at Pala Casino